I admire anyone who has a moral compass that always, automatically, swings in the direction of defending democratic values and humanism. Whose decisions, opinions and statements are always right in this regard without them having to think, who have these values, so to speak, inherent and who therefore never really need to reflect on what they should think, nor care what others think about their positions. Those who always defend their principles with no other purpose or goal than that they see the alternatives as unthinkable. 

These people are few and you never really know who they are, but I think me see this ability in some people. The test for me is that the person dares to talk a lot and spontaneously and has doing this for a long time but always ends up right according to their principles. I see, for example, Hans Alfredson, Tage Danielsson and Sven Melander in this category. Unfortunately, all of them are now deceased.

One international person I’ve seen fall into this category was actor Will Smith. Unfortunately, he has now become an example to me of how difficult it is to judge other people. By responding to a verbal statement with violence at the 2022 Oscars in front of a seated audience and an entire world of television audience, he clearly showed an inner moral compass that he had been able to hide from the world around him for years. The incident perhaps illustrates that we should never trust someone fully, that we always must be prepared for that what we see is just a façade that hides something that we may not really want to see.