Graffiti study 1.1 (part 2:2)

Opinions on how graffiti should be valued and assessed differ diametrically depending on who you are talking to. The practitioners themselves often consider it to be artistic activities, while others see painting as vandalism and a serious social problem. From a social constructivist perspective, a cultural relativist approach follows, that is, that the artistic value […]

Graffiti study 1.1 (part 1:2)

This is the first part om the introduction of my theses about graffiti from 2006 (translated into English).  1.1 Purpose and perspective (part 1:2) The phenomenon of graffiti is a social problem that every year causes great costs. The main purpose of this study is to try to identify the basic mechanisms underlying young people’s […]

Graffiti study – Summary (initial)

Translated part 1 Summary In the latter half of the 1960s, a new youth phenomenon emerged on the East Coast of North America. Young people began to illegally paint images in the public environment, images whose motive were ornamented, and often difficult to interpret, letter that constituted pseudonyms for the authors. The tools used were […]

My new project

During the late 1990s I was a PhD student at Stockholm University and studied youth crime. I interrupted my studies in the early 2000s but resumed them a few years later and completed a part of the PhD with an essay (2006), one of the parts of my thesis project, dealing with graffiti. This and […]