Moral compass

I admire anyone who has a moral compass that always, automatically, swings in the direction of defending democratic values and humanism. Whose decisions, opinions and statements are always right in this regard without them having to think, who have these values, so to speak, inherent and who therefore never really need to reflect on what […]


This formula is probably the world’s most famous formula that few really understand the meaning of. Few understand that it actually says that we all are literally huge atomic bombs.  Matter is “frozen” energy and E=MC2 describes the “exchange rate”. This exchange rate shows that matter is worth huge amounts of energy. Fortunately for us, […]

The Crime of the History

War between countries in Europe, with physical soldiers killing both each other and civilians, I have thought was somewhat unlikely. The next conflict I have assumed would be taken place in other arenas and be about other values than physical land. Countries in Europe I have assumed are too intertwined and interdependent economically to start […]

Life according to Alice Cooper

Beautiful poetry and deep insights about life are all around us and can never be defined, categorized, or taught, only found or discovery by each of us. We all have a monopoly on defining beauty, but only for ourselves. This is everyone’s rights and duty.     I found beauty today in a ”simple” music lyric to […]

The beast unveiled

In the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes or accidents, terrorist acts or other crimes, we all come together to try to save human lives and minimize material damage. This is usually self-evident.   But now to be forced to witness an ongoing mass murder in Europe is horrible and at the […]

Dagny Carlsson, an inspiring life

Dagny Carlsson have now died at an age of 109 years, and she did not allow the last years to be the worst years of her life but made them perhaps to the best. The last 10 years seem to have been characterized by both joy and curiosity. Perhaps she came to the realization that […]

James Webbs discoverys

On Christmas Day last year (2021), I sat in front of my computer and watched the Ariane-5 rocket lift the new space telescope, James Webb, up into the sky. My biggest concern at the time was that something would happen to the rocket that would destroy this, perhaps the most exciting, journey for humanity. But […]

This is the End

There cannot be a meaning of life, there cannot be a goal in existence, there cannot be a purpose to the world. No fantasy or dream can create a meaning, a goal, or a purpose, but we never stop searching because the search keeps us alive.  How can anyone see meaning in atrocities and wars, […]