Mark Selby really go from strength to strength in my
eyes. After winning the International Championship in October he went
on and won the UK Championship (2016), one of the three big tournaments
during the year, in a very convincing way. He won over Ronnie
O’Sullivan in the final with 10-7 without having been directly
threatened, although Ronnie at the end played up. Selyb is a good
snooker player, there is hardly any doubt, he has now been ranked
number one in the world for quite some time, and he won the World Cup
last spring. What I think is that he now also plays an attraction
Snooker. In the World Cup he played dull and sometimes really bad
snooker, but still won in the end. In the fall, he play very good and
also a much more attacking snooker. He is a great champion and could
probably come to join with the really big snooker players in history,
perhaps on par with Ronnie O’Sullivan and Steven Henry.

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