(Previously in Swedich on this webbsite 2016)

think the use of the term populism in politics is interesting and
highlights something important. The term has become synonymous with
stupidity and foolishness. Looking instead at the definitions of the
term means something else. A definition, Wikipedia, describes
populism as a “political movement that appeals to people and
common sense as well as attacking a political or social elite, often
without basis in a specific ideology.”

it is precisely in this sense that the term is used in today’s
political debate, but debilitating because the people and common
sense be seen (among those who do not consider themselves to belong
to the common people in society) as something negative. Ordinary
people are seen as foolish and stupid.

small group of community citizens understand however society’s
complexity and therefore believes it legitimacy to govern in society.
But this smaller circle depends on even the stupid majority buy their
legitimacy to govern and set the community that they therefore should
be able to continue to enrich themselves at the less affluent
citizens’ expense. This is what I now believe is starting to change.
Citizens have begun to question why some are better than others and
are looking for new policy options. The options will be a new type of
parties and politicians who talk about the problems people see and
experience today, for example, why is not my salary to support my
family, why have I so poor retirement, why does not the school in a
good way. This is in contrast to the others become increasingly rich
and can buy a lot of privileges.

established parties accept this distinction between people and
and speaks only marginal changes, a little more in pension
and small financial investments in certain professions where
workforce shortages in these areas becomes acute. Political parties
are not interested in change. They pretend to care about and work for
their constituencies but really, so it’s all about maintaining the
party’s size, and time to grow, and thus give birth to those who work
within the party. You just have to get the rest of us to believe that
they will benefit us as we continue to pay their often high salaries.
This they have managed for many years by referring to sustainability,
responsibility, the need to cooperate with others and ideologically
whipped cream that few understand but have found it difficult to
question the logic and therefore often accepted as truths. It
constantly needs to be explained is why certain peoples time is more
valuable than others and perhaps more specifically, why the fun,
inspirational and creative jobs are often well paid while the dull,
dirty, monotonous and those who toil mostly on the human body are low
paid. This has been the middle class and the established parties big
task to explain (although they apparently sometimes question the
fairness of this).

today, ordinary people started to understand that this is not a
naturally given order and the new so-called populist parties and
politicians with other types of solutions, and that takes ordinary
people’s concerns seriously popping up all around Europe (and the
world). We no longer believe in the traditional political class and
we begin to question the value of their work and the high
compensation they receive for this work. As part of an effort to
maintain its position as one devalues ​​the new options,
including call these populist and unserious. Those who do this are
all well established in society, including politicians, journalists,
experts who are not interested in any major change as this might
affect their lives negatively. What we see, however, be the beginning
of a revolution attempt, the lower class rises by creating new policy
options and throwing out the old worn-out. However, it is not obvious
that these new alternative solves any problems. What they propose
does not secure any improvement in the positive direction for those
who vote for them and many do not really like their message, but many
people want to try something new. The old options have been tested
for many years and found unfit. The risk is then great that the new
politicians will soon become like the old. When they get wind of the
wealth and privileges of the political field as they sit at the
dinner table and do everything to be left there, we look all after
our own interests, we are all egocentric and (I think) egotists.

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