(Previously in Swedish on this webbsite 2016)

passes and now it’s almost a new year. The biological clock is
ticking up another notch. What to find on the time left before the
clock stops for good? The irrevocable end draws for me and for
everyone else. What do I want? Have no idea. Actually, I would
probably like to do as little as possible. Stop with all the
pointless pastime that life consists of, some inanities to get money
to be able to do other meaningless things. Clear in rebate to give
power to the few flowers that will grow beautiful and stately before
they die. The problem is to know which of the small green shoots that
should be saved and which should be cleared away. It is often
impossible to see the small leaves which are worth preserving and
which ones will grow up and become thorns. Will 2017 bring some
clarity to this? Actually, this is not an issue because it is always
up to ourselves to clarify one’s own life. The question you should
ask is if you want change. Sometimes it’s easier to just continue,
change can take more than it gives. In the end, maybe it does not
matter if you save a beautiful flower or a thistle, or if you
completely ignore clearing in rebate. Everything that grows up will
still eventually be earth.

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