(Previously in Swedish on this webbsite 2017)

Most people in Sweden, and all political parties in the Swedish government, describe themselves as supporting all humans’ equal rights. No human on earth is considered worth more or less than anyone else. But this is mostly empty words. For starters, most people think that their own lives have a greater value than others. Most people believe that they have the right to kill someone who threatens them to life in self-defense. We place greater value on our own lives than in others. We also believe that our children have a higher value than other people’s. We would even rather pay a holiday to our children than save several people from dying of starvation. We invite our friends to dinner and not the beggar who really would need the food. Most people in Sweden were also behind the government’s decision to limit refugee immigration in 2015, which means that we prevent fellow human from living a decent life. We in Europe also allow thousands of refugees to drown in small boats in the Mediterranean as they try to get to Europe.

In other words, in practice, we act like people have different values. To still try to maintain our notion that we are good, we find excuses and explanations to treat people differently. For example, it is the refugee smugglers that make people drowning in the Mediterranean, the beggars on our streets are organized and not really as poor as they claim to be and since we cannot take in refugees in a good way, it is better to not let them come here at all,  we are effectively doing them a favor by not letting them in or by throwing them out of the country.

If we were living by the fact that all people have equal rights, it would upset us as much when a child in Somalia gets hurt as if our own children get hurt, we will obviously help the beggar and so on. Everyone would do everything they can and share everything to help their fellow human beings based on the reasoning that no one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone…

I believe that the Swedish Nazi organization Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) plays an important role in maintaining our self-esteem of being and acting in a good way. Today, this party is getting a lot of attention. In connection with Almedalsveckan on Gotland (a big annual political meeting), all the established parties and the media relate to this small group. They receive disproportionate attention given that they are a total of about 500 people. They must be extremely pleased to have been put in the media’s spotlight in this way. They would need a lot of resources to buy their way to this attention.

I think that the other parties and the media give the NMR attention because this party, in contrast to the rest, is open about the fact that they do not stand for the equal value of all people. But in this respect, they are not different from the other parties in practice. However, the NMR is open about this, the other parties say one thing and advocate something else in practical action. NMR fulfils a function of being what everyone else can agree is evil. Thus, this serves as a departure from the attention of the other parties’ views and policies that they do not want to become too obvious.

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