(Previously in Swedish on this webbsite 2018)

Loneliness is experienced differently by us humans and basically, we are all existentially alone. Some people depend on constantly having others around them to try to counteract this loneliness through an external affirmation. If they do not receive the recognition and confirmation of others, they experience a bottomless emptiness. They lack a perceived inner value and therefore needs an external confirmation. These people often take space from others in their search for attention and recognition and can therefore be left alone, a loneliness that is frightening and total.

The most important thing in life is enjoying your own company, that you feel your own inner value. The need for external confirmation decreases and dependence on others is therefore not so important. If you can appreciate yourself, you don’t need others for your own sake and can therefore see and care about your fellow human beings, not to get something out for yourself, but because you really care about them. This leads to more real friends.

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