(Previously in Swedish on this webbsite 2018)

It should be forbidden to be bored, that is, to define one’s spent time as boring and wasted. Time is our gold that slowly flows out between our fingers and cannot be held. Time is something incomprehensible and something sad because it becomes irrevocably consumed and can never be replaced once it has been experienced. Time can never be saved for a “better” time. Time also passes quickly, when the summer is over, we are just ahead of the next and one year has passed.

Time do we only know something about afterwards, the time ahead we know nothing about, not even whether we will experience it or not. Time will always be there, but my relationship with it is very limited and uncertain.

It is easy to imagine that we can live our time richer by learning and comparing ourselves to others. We can’t do that! The time of life is something individual and subjective and its value can never be compared and when the time is up, the painting is erased.

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