(Previously in Swedish on this webbsite 2018)

I often think about the meaning of what I do. Most of what I’ve done in my life seems pointless and a waste of time. In the moment it’s easy to get carried away and see something big and important, but with a little perspective I haven’t changed the world…

I like to see my own role in life as central, that my actions lead to important results and changes, but this is usually an illusion and self-deception. But perhaps it is this kind of self-deception that gives our lives a sense of purpose. Perhaps we would not be able to cope with life, we in the Western world who do not have to make an effort for our daily survival, if we could not build up a sense of meaning. However, this is a game that we must play together. Anyone who questions the rules of the game will be expelled from the warm and reassuring community.

The only meaningful thing I’ve done in my life is to have my children and the meaningful thing I have in front of me is to try to help them have the best life possible.

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