(Previously in Swedish on this webbsite 2015)

What goes on in the minds of all those people I meet rushing towards the street or sitting on the subway looking out through the window at the darkness in the tunnel?

All I know is that there’s a lot going on there, our brains are always working. We all think about something all the time, but none of us know what’s going on in someone else’s brain. We all live in our own worlds, and we should probably be grateful that we don’t have to investigate other people’s minds. Most people probably have thoughts and ideas that they don’t want to share with their surroundings. Those who talk a lot and often, those who “talk before they think”, probably show more of their inner world than those who are cautious and weigh each word on a gold scale. So to say, be careful with the silence ones.

Another thought is how we who live today differ from those who lived 100 years and back in time. Today, we spend very little time just doing nothing. When we have nothing to do, we pick up our phones and play a game, listening on music or an audio book, watch some serie or look at the television. We occupy our brains with external impressions. 100 years ago, they usually just had their own thoughts and ideas as company when nothing special happened.

This must shape us and our inner world of thought into something different than that of previous generations. I think it’s hard to imagine how big this difference is and how much this must shape us into a different kind of humans. Try to think of a world there the only kind of music is your own singing and a friend playing an accordion.

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