(Previously in Swedish on this webbsite 2016)

Complaining about things in life, without trying to do anything about it, is a waste of time and energy – either you should try to change what irritates you or accept the order of things. Things that cannot be influenced, such as the weather or the global economy, should not be put into annoyance at all.

Complaining takes energy for those who complain. Complaining is a passive drug, but like other drugs, complaining plays a role for the “user”. It can lead to attention and ends up the complainer at the center in relationship with others. The complaint itself becomes a way of taking up space. For those who listen to the complaint, on the other hand, the complainant must have an audience, this relationship becomes energy-draining and frustrating. Often it can be difficult to interrupt or contradict the complainant because it may in some way seems to be a real problem for him. Complaining is a way of life for some people. We have probably all met people who egocentrically constantly talk about all their problems and thereby take all their place in the room. It is frustrating and tired up us.

My strategy is to try to think through what I see as a problem and decide about whether to try to do something about it or let it be. If I decide to let it be, I must accept what I don’t like. I try to avoid burdening others with my problems if I don’t see others as part of the solution or my handling can help others solve similar problems.

In other words: act instead of talk and don’t use worries and problems as a means to take attention and put yourself at the center of others. And try to cut off relationships with people you feel drains you of energy by trying to pass their worries on to you.

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