This is some answer to questions a got from Yolanda. I try to stick to some rules in my writing on this blog that I now here are trying to formulate in text:  

  • I always try to formulate my own ideas. However, I am aware that the foundations of my thoughts and ideas rarely are original, but these can result in unique through thru my unique experience and education. I am a unique person with unique perspectives of the world in a world with other unique people with their unique perspectives and views.
  • I write because I think it’s funny and partly because I often need to formulate my thought to understand it myself. It is only if I am going to lecture or write something for an external audience that I really try to see the shortcomings in my reasoning.
  • I don’t write to try to make money. Thinking in terms of money shapes you’re writing in a negative way. 
  • I don’t write for an audience. I have no idea how many readers I have. I have been writing on this blog since 2013. The reason I’ve been doing it for so long is because I’m doing it for myself.
  • I don’t want to discuss my posts, the blog is called Talaklart (Speak clear), which means that I give myself the right to speak without being interrupted or be forced to explain.
  • I usually finish a blog post in one evening. I write a script and rewrite it later the same evening. My motto is “good enough”.

I hope these thoughts can help you Yolanda, in your start-up of your own blog.