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It’s been 10 years since Kevin Coyne’s voice fell silent. He died on December 2 2004. For those of you who don’t know him, he was above all a English musician and composer with a fantastic singing voice, but also a good writer, painter and filmmaker. In everything he did, he went his own way and always took a stand for the weak and odd in society. That’s why he never hit commercially.

I saw him live in Uppsala 1979. A great concert. He performed with a fantastic band with a superb guitarist who I unfortunately do not remember the name of. Otherwise, he often performed alone together with a tape player or with a rhythm guitarist. I knew him well before this concert, had a few records, but was surprised by the energy and power he had live. Me and the rest of the audience, crowded of course (he had a large audience in Uppsala in the 70’s) were in ecstasy. This concert is one of my absolute highlights when it comes to concert experiences.

But even though he’s not with us anymore, he’s still there to listen to and watch. There are some live clips with him on YouTube and many of his records are available at Spotify. His 1970s albums from “Marjory Razorblade” (1973) to “Millionaires and Teddy Bears” (1979) are perhaps the best and most listener-friendly, although much of his later productions are also very good, but perhaps a little harder to absorb. One of my favorite songs where he sings fantastically well is “Sunday Morning Sunrise” from the album “Matching Head and Feet” (1975). Give him a chance.

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