There cannot be a meaning of life, there cannot be a goal in existence, there cannot be a purpose to the world. No fantasy or dream can create a meaning, a goal, or a purpose, but we never stop searching because the search keeps us alive. 

How can anyone see meaning in atrocities and wars, how can anyone see meaning in cruelty? How can anyone see the meaning in eternal life when eternal life should become an eternal punishment?

The fact is, the earth and even the universe will perish, no trace will consist of us, our existence or a good.  

A person’s life is unpredictably short. Without us noticing, it’s over, I can only see the end of others. Every second is one second closer to the end, every second is a lost second. But what I do with my seconds doesn’t matter as every second is just as meaningless or meaningful no matter what I fill it with.

But this annoys me because I am curious about the future, what will happen to humanity, what will happen to my children and perhaps subsequent generations, what will mankind come to know about the universe. I want to know! but this will be a secret to me.

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