In the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes or accidents, terrorist acts or other crimes, we all come together to try to save human lives and minimize material damage. This is usually self-evident.  

But now to be forced to witness an ongoing mass murder in Europe is horrible and at the same time surrealistic. It is incomprehensible that the one who started this does not finally wake up and understand the seriousness of his actions. But unfortunately, this is just another reminder that the varnish of humanity and culture that we all try to cover ourselves with to enclose the beast we all carry, is very thin and can easily be wiped away with a dirty cloth. But I don’t think all the beasts that unveils are murderers and sadists. The beasts are affected and changed by a humane society, but the varnish will always be needed to maintain such a society and hold back the beasts.    

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